Contact With Agartha: Subterranean Civilisation. Summer Offer.

PDF 1. Contact with Agartha PDF. First 90 pages. Chapter updates emailed to you as info is declassified.

PDF 2. Create a Billion Jobs Now. 14 page PDF on jobs for the future. Actionable business ideas for a blockaded economy.

PDF 3. Sleeping Giant Industries. 50+ page PDF describing an enlightened, crowdfunded economy.

*Le livre est aussi disponible en Francais, vous pouvez l'obtenir ici:*

1. Contact With Agartha PDF

10 dollars early price includes: The first 90+ pages as a PDF, then free chapter updates emailed to you until the end of summer 2015, when the project is finally finished.

The book is being sold in installments as information becomes declassified.

In this 40 page installment:

- How contact started in South China.

- First meetings.

- Types of Contactees and diplomats.

- Energy clashes.

- Contact in Asia.

- Asian seers and western chest beating.

- New Age snobbery towards ethical business.

- Two - way infiltration.

- Silat

- Factionalism.

- Subterranean Elevators.

- Corruption in surface networks. -

- Subterranean negotiation over a scrappy youtube clip.

- Etheric guards.

- Ideas for fair business.

Free Sampler PDF here:


2. Create 1 Billion Jobs Now

20+ Page Ebook in English

A short, no nonsense overview of grassroots technologies:

Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Fog Collectors, Liposomal Vitamin C, Vertical Axis MagLev Wind Turbines, Magnesium Oil, Low Tech Vertical Farms........

...and much more. Many of these businesses cost less than 100 dollars to set up! The PDF is 'only' 14 pages long, but collates years of painstaking research, and can serve as a jumping off point for decades of exploration.


3. Sleeping Giant Industries

>>>Please don't forward these PDF's, they took a lot of work.<<<

Free info at

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